A Correct-by-construction methodology for supporting execution time variability in real-time systems

In real-time safety critical systems, it is of paramount importance to guarantee that computation is performed within certain time bounds, otherwise a critical failure may happen.

Today, it is difficult to build efficient and predictable real-time systems on modern processors, because the execution time of a piece of code exhibits a large variability. The worst-case can be hundreds of times larger than the best-case, due to dynamically varying parameters such as the state of cache memories for instance.

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the design and development of the next generation of safety critical embedded real-time systems. In particular, we aim at solving the problem of the large variability of execution times by using sound and provably correct programming models that combine functional and timing aspects.

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VMCAI paper presentation in January 2019

Posted on Tue 27 November 2018

We will present a paper entitled "Static Analysis Of Binary Code With Memory Indirections Using Polyhedra." at VMCAI'2019.